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Value-added B2B service provider in the energy sector

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The customer is having difficulty scaling DevSecOps teams due to artisanal RBAC management.

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Problem solver approach:

Implementation of generic and agnostic IAM roles of environments and scopes of intervention of team members, dynamic assignment of roles and permissions, implementation of auditing, rotation and revocation in the management of secrets.

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Convergence and centralization of Identity, authentication and authorization management, towards a single ID Provider.

Reduced access management overhead.

Dynamic feeding of user accounts and groups, now having access to the various tools according to the operations they are supposed to carry out on a daily basis.

Access monitoring.

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Technical stack involved:

Azure (AD, IAM, Subscription, VPC, Resources Groups, APP Registrations, LDAP, Azure Automation Accounts, Azure Key Vault secrets, Azure Key Vault certificates), Terraform, Vault, GPG, SOPS (Secrets Operations), SOCKS Proxy, OAuth2/ OIDC, LDAP.

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