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Leader in the banking sector

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The customer wants an overhaul of the monitoring system to meet the requirements of the new application architecture under Kubernetes, transition from historical monitoring (static monitoring) to modern monitoring (SRE, kpi, metrology, etc.).

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Problem solver approach:

Implementation of a new standardized and portable event-driven monitoring and observability solution in Prometheus format, (backwards) compatible with the existing monitoring stack including Nagios, Statsd, Graphite...

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New structuration of monitoring based on an SRE approach and key observability metrics (Golden Signals), which has made it possible to reduce the error rate on all applications in the fleet by between 15% and 25%, while optimizing processing times where there was latency uncorrelated to user traffic.

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Technical stack mobilized:

Prometheus, Grafana, Nagios, Statsd, Graphite, Cassandra, Kubernetes Docker

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