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Startup in intermediation

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Startup in intermediation offering a platform for the sale of kilos (luggage) to air travellers, the customer wishes to set up a team of competent devs around the innovative project, in order to resume its development and deliver quality code, without creating technical debt.

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Problem solver approach:

Initial audit on the development and launch of the mobile application and its service focused on the following points: Design, technical choices, automated tests, support, build/delivery pipelines, observability, management of the platform in production (OCM), service status (down times), internationalization.

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Implementation and delivery of functional and technical specifications explaining all the points covered during the audit, as well as the choice of technical tools and external services to be added to the platform. Support for the entire IT department of the group in order to successfully incubate and accelerate the development and launch of the project.

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Technical stack involved:

Docker, Jfrog Actifactory, AWS, Codemagic, Flutter, UML

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