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Major player in cloud Major French banking group, specialized in investment bankingserver hosting in Europe

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The customer wants:

  • Structure a dedicated Network Cloud team (a team of 4 people coming from the legacy/on-premise environment) called INC (Inet Cloud) whose role will be to provide a fully automated and secure multi-cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) and on-premise landing zone, aimed at supporting all the projects of the group and its subsidiaries.

  • Allow business and application teams to start projects and provision the underlying resources from a user interface (MyCloud) exposing a catalog of services and off-the-shelf stacks in hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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Problem solver approach:

  • Audit and analysis of the On-premises architecture to identify Ready To Cloud services

  • Identification and formulation of the need: discussing with multiple Cloud Experts, Security, PCA (Public Cloud Automation), NetOps, Prod App teams on their needs and constraints to identify priority areas for migration and automation, develop the change management, compliance with the compliance and security rules related to the banking sector

  • Analysis of the Cloud and On-premises architectures and their associated invoicing, in order to dentify areas of cost and/or economy limitation, ensuring a low level of risk and taking into account the challenges of the company

  • Design and implementation of a high availability GCP Interconnect architecture between the Cyrus and Vega data centers and Google, in compliance with the requirements of application of 99.99 SLA, in collaboration with the legacy network teams for ordering links, and Google internal teams for validating choices and implementation options

  • Supply of the Kubernetes network base for nodes, pods, and services in non-routed Hub and Spoke architecture, in Azure (AKS), Google (GKE), and AWS (EKS) environments

  • Convergence of BPCE et Natixis (bought by BPCE) proxies and reverse proxies

  • Studies and implementation of a solution to control and anticipate the scaling of AWS load balancer:

    • Definition and development of a ELBs (NLB, ALB) deployment standard

    • Monitoring of ELBs scaling to anticipate the IP addresses shortage, and provisioning the subnets and CIDR accordingly

  • Support teams in resolving incidents related to the complexity of cloud environments

  • Documentation: installation and feeding of architectural, technical and user documentation

  • Support and change management: transfer of knowledge and training to teams

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Migrations/Go To Cloud, Reduction of the operationality curve of INC team members by approximately 20%, acceleration of migration processes, autonomy on incident response and self-remediation.

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Stack Technical stack involved:

OnPremise, Linux, AWS, GCP, AZURE, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker, Nautobot, Infoblox, Ubika, Ansible, VMWare NSX-V, VMWare NSX-T, Jira, Confluence

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