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World leader in maritime transport

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The customer wishes to develop an extension of its data center (DC) on two physical sites, including one in Marseille (MRS), and the second in Realtor (RLT). In this objective of overhauling its on-premise network infrastructure, the customer wishes to apply DevOps concepts to its network operations, in a fully automated way through SDN (Software Defined Network).

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Problem solver approach:

Interconnection of Pods deployed in DCs by leveraging a dedicated inter-pod network (IPN), design and implementation of an ALM platform for end-to-end CISO ACI (APIC/MSO) infrastructure provisioning and deployment under the SDN approach.

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DevNetOps transformation, technical upgrade of a team of around 30 engineers and network experts on DevOps concepts, industrialization and tooling, reduction in deployment time (from 01 - 02 days to a few minutes) and increase in the deployments frequency (from approximately 02 per week to several per day on demand), delivery of a scalable and extensible platform to other network and even application use cases...

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Stack technique mobilisée :

CISCO ACI, CISCO Nexus 336C-FX2, Jenkins, Flask, Gunicorn, Nginx, Git, Gitlab (SCM), Auth0, Active Directory, Slack, Ansible, Tower(AWX)

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