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Software and security devices provider for companies

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The customer wishes to have a reliable and highly available CI/CD architecture for a reasonable and competitive implementation cost.

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Problem solver approach:

Using the concepts of infra as code (immutable), serverless, cluster discovery, to build a highly available and cost-effective CI/CD platform, based on of Jenkins workers culster under AWS Auto Scaling.

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Delivery of a self-managed SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) platform, optimized use of resources thanks to automatic up scale/down scale, autonomy of the dev teams for continuous delivery and high availability of the CI/CD platform, increasing by ~20% the frequency of deployments.

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Technical stack involved:

AWS (EC2 Auto Scaling, VPC, Route53, Cloudwatch, lambda, SNS..), Jenkins, Terraform, Docker, Grafana, Jfrog Artifactory, Zabbix

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