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Équipe de conception UX

The SPITZCRAFT program/

_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png
_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png

Our consulting activity is associated with the SPITZCRAFT program, an acceleration and incubation program, within which we ensure the structure, technical and operational management of startups and SMEs. In order to bring their tech ideas and projects to life and facilitate their take-off.


The SPITZCRAFT program also aims to develop and offer immersive learning paths adapted to market requirements, for our future talents, but also for our customers' internal teams.


DevOps/SRE Coaching
(Transformation kit)/

We are user experience and educational engineering specialists , whose mission is to help teams, stakeholders and organizations implement DevOps concepts and practices. We also help them to change the mindset of all involved people to adopt the DevOps culture.

We position ourselves as your “DevOps Happiness” maker, with key challenges such as:

_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png



Sustainability :

  • Agile acceleration

  • Dissemination at scale of DevOps best practices

  • Enhancement of CI/CD tooling

  • Adoption of Software Craftsmanship

  • Improved TTM

  • Enthusiasm of teams

  • ...

  • Delivery improvement

  • Reduction in of anomalies

  • Production stabilization

  • Consideration of infrastructure, performance and security constraints

  • Improved TTD (Time to Diagnose)

  • Measurement of performance and indicators consistency

  • Integration of the business vision in the developments

  • Facilitation of onboarding

  • Training of operational teams

  • Maintaining the knowledge base

  • Continuous improvement

  • Stability and relevance of the operating model

  • Homogenization and clarity of processes

  • ...

Technology incubation/

The incubation center of the SPITZCRAFT program is a center of excellence and technical expertise, with the ambition of researching and developing innovative and disruptive technology solutions, responding to concrete needs and adapted to the socio-cultural contexts of populations.

We intervene through our technical and business expertise centers iin order to provide personalized support not only to start-ups and SMEs, but also to government bodies and large accounts, on the management and acceleration of the development of innovative technology projects.

This support, which addresses both structural and economic challenges, with the common thread of SPITZKOP's DNA focused on excellence and continuous improvement, covers the following modules:

_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png
Au travail

Structuring and modeling

  • Goals (Definition of AWESOME)

  • Maturity matrices (squad health-checks)

  • Action plans Technical and operational organization Modeling (UML, BPMN...)

  • Design and Architecture

  • Mappings/Blueprints


  • Lean method

  • Minimum Viable Product

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Continuous improvement (Improvement Board)

  • Device Agnostic (ergonomics issues)

  • Features Flipping (velocity stakes)

  • A/B Testing

  • Continuous Delivery (Release Engineering)

  • OKRs, KPIs (Golden signals, KPIs collect,...)

  • Transversal Functional Support

  • Training and Technical Expertise

Essentials skills

  • DevOps culture and approaches

  • Communication and managerial posture

Diagnosis and analysis

  • Astonishment report

  • Formalization of the project and its challenges

  • SWOT

Juniors integration and inclusion/

_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png
_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png
“Computers are incredibly fast, precise and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, imprecise and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination”

Albert Einstein

We are convinced that pedagogical or professional training alone is not enough to produce technical experts, and that whatever their level of training, they are always overwhelmed because technology is changing so quickly. This is why we think it is useful to bring an additional layer to the training of engineers and share our passionate experience with computer scientists from all sectors, students, trainers, workers, or self-taught.

For this, we rely on the intensification of practical experience, and adopt an inductive approach, favoring reasoning going from the concrete case to the abstract principles, from the particular to the general, from practice to theory.

Présentation de conférence


  • Identify and direct towards appropriate initial training, for example for those who have no technical knowledge, but want to train or simply change their professional orientation


  • Organize webinars, practical training seminars in schools, universities and companies, based on a specific theme and aimed at identifying specific technical skills and knowledge

  • Organize conferences aimed at presenting a technical product, a concrete problem of the professional world with its solution...., with at the end of the workshops to practice, exchange, share

Pedagogical Direction

  • Produce and make available content developed to meet a specific need, in a specific technical field. This can be done through mentoring, illustrated tutorials in the form of problems-constraints-solution, white paper, technical project subjects, or even interactive discussion channel


  • Ensure technology watch

  • Contribute to the development of school training programs, by intervening on the practical aspect and by training trainers


  • Create centers of excellence and integration with the same vocation as our centers of technical expertise, where we train “raw talent” capable and ready for technical intervention


  • Design and create platforms and infrastructures adapted to the practice of tech and the experimentation of advanced techniques and technologies

Our training programs are generally structured around the following areas and concepts:


Project management

  • Planning and forecasting

  • Communication technique, risk management and negotiation

  • Mastery of tools and methodologies

  • Budgeting, tracking and monitoring



  • Technical expertise

  • holistic perspective

  • Operational effectiveness

  • Technical advice, Problem Solver approach



  • APIs, Coding and Scripting

  • SCM, Security, Testing

  • Containers and Kubernetes

  • Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • Process Automation and Optimization

  • DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph)


Release Engineering

  • Building (Hermetic Builds)

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Rules and Procedures

  • Provisioning and Deployment

  • Configuration Management

  • Rapid systems



  • Blackbox monitoring

  • Whitebox monitoring

  • Correlation and Aggregation

  • Continuous improvement

  • Measure


Design and Architecture

  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)

  • Schematization

  • Software development practices

  • Creativity, Organization and Prioritization

  • Coaching and Inspiration



  • Refactoring and Profiling

  • Clean Architecture

  • Technologies and Tools

  • Principles and Good Practices


Security & QA

  • Code analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Security Protocols and Flaws

  • Procedures and Compliance

  • Systems and Specifications

  • Bugs database


Network Engineering

  • Analytics and Troubleshooting

  • Security and Firewalling

  • Network Expertise and Programming

  • Hardware and Infrastructure

  • Virtualization and Automation

  • Internet of Things (IoT)


System Engineering

  • Data and systems Architecture

  • Network and System Programming

  • Hardware, Kernel, Software

  • cloud computing


Software Engineering

  • Complex Systems and Abstractions

  • Database architecture

  • Architecture of computers, data and operating systems

  • ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagram )

  • Debugging and Troubleshooting

  • Architecture of computers, data and operating systems

  • Transverse Functional Support


Cloud and Distributed Systems 

  •  Blockchain and Decentralized Applications (Dapps)

  • Cloud Platforms and Services

  • Development and Operations (DevOps)

  • Linux, Automation and Orchestration

  • Containers, Serverless, Infrastructure as Code

  • Hybrid Cloud, Multi-cloud

  • Performance, Metrics, Analytics

  • Cost and Workload


Heading for Africa/

“We can only act effectively by working together”
_The Devops Hapiness Maker  (15).png

Edmund Burke

The development of the internet, new technologies and big and famous projects such as Linux owe their success to community minset and teamwork. We are not professors who come to teach computer science. We are a team of enthusiasts who want to expand to Africa, share our passion with other enthusiasts, and make the most of the genius that abounds in this continent. Because we are convinced that this approach aimed at raising everyone to the top and at the same level can only promote digital and economic development in Africa.

Our credo

Share with you our experience and our challenges, overcome the usual limits and build new technical and innovative solutions.

Our ambition

Enable juniors to stand out on innovative technological subjects and offer themselves a springboard, predisposing them to multidisciplinary profiles.

Our goal

Bring out enthusiasts of tech in general, and open source solutions in particular, motivated and able to work rigorously and independently.

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