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French multinational in payment and transaction services

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The client wishes to :

  • Collaborate several NetOps and Cloud teams (more than 6 teams of about 15 people each) with a private cloud under construction, which will be the main focus of the mission, with business line issues, in-store and corporate services, velocity in deployments

  • Take ownership of public cloud concepts and best practices to build a private cloud supported by the DevNetOps team, with the aim of making it more autonomous and consumable through the implementation of an API exhibiting services based on SDN (Cisco ACI) in full GitOps.

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Problem solver approach:

  • Audit and analysis of existing applications, projects and working methods on the Worldline side

  • Identification and formulation of the need: discussing with the various internal teams on their daily needs and tasks to identify the priority areas for transformation and develop the change management

  • Develop a change management plan based on a VSM approach ==> mapping/analysis/Lean
    approach : develop a value-generating approach by streams, presentation, and dissemination to teams, for build streams to drive the project in parallel by ensuring the velocity

  • Development and automation of several technical stacks on the shelf, facilitating the daily life of network engineers:

    • Administrators on the NetOps side will be responsible for building the private cloud and its API by capitalizing mainly on Ansible, and users will interact with the system exclusively through this API, as code by relying on Terraform

    • Each project delivered must be done in such a way as to capitalize and reuse the technical
      stack mobilized for other purposes, objective: Constantly optimize the quality while
      reducing the time and effort devoted to the delivery of new projects

    • More broadly, adopt a GitOps approach (processes and tools) to give the organization and
      teams adequate control over their highly distributed environments while improving security and compliance best practices

  • Documentation: implementation and supply of architecture, technical and user documentation

  • Support and change management: transfer of knowledge and training to teams

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DevNetOps transformation, Enrichment of the CCC (Competence Center Cloud) skills center and onboarding of juniors in their skills development in order to make them more autonomous in the new environment.

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Technical stack involved:

OnPremise, Linux, CISCO ACI, APIC Clusters, Git, Nginx, Gitlab, Jenkins, Grafana, python, Bash, php, flask, Infoblox, NS1, Jira, Confluence

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